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About us

Kalifi, Cohen & Co. is a leading tax boutique law firm in Israel with more than two decades of experience and expertise in various areas of taxation.

We offer exceptional tailor-made tax advice and treatment in vast Israeli and international tax law areas, all with personal attention and dedication.

Our capabilities and vast experience from senior positions within the Israel Tax Authorities and leading the tax division in one of the largest law firms in Israel, combined with the personal and dedicated approach of a boutique, lead to the best possible tax treatments and outcomes.

Proven Capabilities

Vast Experience
over 20 years

Holistic Approach
360 vision


& solutions

Dedication & personal Attention

Our service is personalized and personable because we care deeply about what we do and whom we do it for. 

Our counseling is highly professional because we are experienced professionals with broad experience across various topics.   

Our solutions are creative and holistic because we fuel our holistic tax approach with in-depth knowledge and turn it into one solution.  

Our work leads to the best results because we are dedicated and focused.

The firm’s practice areas include tax planning, advice and counseling on transactions, handling of tax assessment proceedings, obtaining advance tax decisions (pre-rulings), and representation vis-à-vis the various tax authorities and in courts on the multiple areas of income tax, international taxation, VAT, and real-estate taxation, all at the civil and criminal levels.
Our clients include Israeli and foreign residents, and we specialize in handling tax issues of new immigrants, returning residents, and tax aspects of relocation.

The firm works in collaboration with top-notch professional partners, law firms, accounting firms, investment managers, family offices, and trustees in Israel and overseas to provide a complete tax response and optimal taxation solutions tailored to each one of our clients.

The leading team

Adv. Benny Kalifi
Managing-partner, founder

Adv. Benny Kalifi is one of the firm's founders and co-managing partner and is considered one of Israel's leading taxation attorneys.

Benny, who started his legal career as an intern in a boutique tax law firm and in court, is the founder of the Missim (Taxes) newspaper and was for 20 years a partner and co-manager of the tax department at one of the leading law firms in Israel, Shibolet & Co.

As a co-manager of the tax department in a large law firm and as head of this boutique firm, Benny advises and represents clients of all kinds – individuals, companies, kibbutzim, trusts and nonprofit organizations, Israeli residents and foreign residents, in all tax areas, including income tax, international taxation, VAT, real estate taxation and transactions of every type, as well as criminal tax proceedings.

Based on his vast experience and legal and accounting knowledge, Benny has a broad and strategic view of all aspects of taxation. He applies his professionalism and expertise on behalf of his clients and, by acting pragmatically and with personal dedication, achieves optimal tax results tailored to the needs of his clients.

Benny Kalifi

Benny holds an LL.B. (cum laude), a B.A. in Accounting, and an LL.M. (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University.

As the co-manager of a tax department, the department gained recognition in various global ranking guides, including The Legal 500 and Chambers Global, and individual recognition as a leading and recommended tax attorney in Israel.

Benny serves as Chairman of the Income Tax and VAT Committee of the Israel Bar's Tel Aviv District and the Stand-in Chairman of the National Income Tax Committee of the Israel Bar.
He is a former Tel Aviv Municipality's Property Tax Committee member.

Benny is one of the editors of the Tax Journal of the Institute of Accountants. He has authored various professional publications and lectures on tax issues in multiple forums.

In his spare time, Benny is involved in extreme sports. Among other things, he completed the prestigious Ironman competition in Frankfurt in 2018.

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Adv. Shlomi Cohen
Managing-partner, founder

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Adv. Shlomi Cohen is one of the firm's founders and co-managing partner and is considered one of Israel's leading taxation attorneys, specializing in international taxation and criminal tax.

Shlomo established the office after 18 years of Tax work experience, of which working 15 years in the Israel Tax Authority. In his last position, he was the executive of foreign residents in the international Tax Division. In addition, he was in charge of the EOI (exchange of information) according to treaties to which Israel is a party.

Additionally, he was a professional advisor in many assessment offices, was a member in charge of the new inspector training courses at the Israeli Tax Authority, and has been involved in legislation related to international taxation.

Shlomi has BA in Economics and Accounting from the University of Haifa and an LL.B from Ono Academic College.

Shlomi Cohen
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Adv. Yonathan Ben David
Litigation Partner

Adv. Yonatan Ben David is considered one of Israel's leading and experienced Tax litigation lawyers.

Yonatan worked for more than ten years in the state attorney's office, Tel Aviv District (Civil). During this time, Yonatan successfully represented in hundreds of cases all the tax fields, and some of those successes became legal binging precedents and leading cases.

Yonatan worked in the Tax department of Herzog Fox & Neeman law office; during this time, Yonatan represented clients in tax disputes concerning high sums of money against the Israeli Tax Authority.

Yonatan has vast knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Tax, especially in litigation, which helps his clients accomplish the best outcome with the optimal resource expenses.

Yonatan has an L.L.B. from the College of Management and an M.A. (cum laude) in Philosophy from Tel Aviv University. Yonatan is also a graduate of the Israeli Tax authority income tax inspector certification.

In his free time, Yonatan engages in sports, mostly running and swimming.

Yonatan Bar David
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Elior Bar Hen, CPA (LLB)
Head of VAT department

Elior Bar Hen is an accountant and tax specialist with extensive and diverse experience in the field of value-added tax. He began his career in the tax authority eight years ago as an audit accountant in the Tel Aviv 1 VAT Regional Supervisory Office, where he managed audit files for various companies.

Subsequently, he was appointed as a department manager in the VAT professional division. In this role, he drafted professional guidelines, execution instructions, and position papers on various VAT topics. He provided professional support to regional VAT offices in numerous cases involving assessments, objections, and appeals.

Elior also lectures at Tel Aviv University on a course covering land taxation and VAT for a bachelor's degree in accounting.

Elior holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and economics from the Open University and a bachelor's degree in law from the Sapir Academic College. In his free time, he devotes himself to his family and engages in sports, particularly running.

Elior Bar Chen
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Our  services 

International Taxation

New immigrants and returning residents

Hi-tech industry 


Tax withholding

Employee shares and stock options

Real estate taxation

Blockchain tax solutions (Cryptocurrency) 


Criminal tax 

inheritance & estates

Encouragement of Capital Investments

Voluntary Disclosure



11 Menachem Begin Rd. Rogovin Tidhar Tower, 12th floor, Ramat Gan

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